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Back-to-School Event at Speck’s Pet Supplies in Fishers

The end of summer marks a special time for both parents and their little ones as the back-to-school season begins. As children prepare to embark on a new academic year, Speck's Pet Supplies, a beloved local pet store, is hosting a FREE heartwarming event that combined the excitement of going back to school with the unconditional love of our furry friends. This unique occasion will bring together kids and dogs for a delightful FREE photo session, capturing memories that will warm hearts for years to come. Don't miss out on this fun event!

Visit Speck’s Pet Supplies in Fishers at 12664 E 116th St in Brookschool Plaza on the following days:

Sunday August 6th – 11am to 6pm

Saturday August 12th – 9am to 8pm

Sunday August 13 – 11am to 6pm

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